Common kid diseases

Due to less developed immunity system and growing body kids are more open to diseases. They need utter medical care when they fall sick and more support for early recovery. It is better to know about the common kid’s diseases because by knowing this you will be able to handle the situation more effectively.

There are many parents who might be thinking that knowing about the ear infection, cold and stomach pain is more than enough for them. But you should know that many diseases are there which can easily trap the kids and knowing about them is more important than anything else.

Common cold

The common cold is a very general disease among the kids which spread through the air. By coming into the contact of the direct air the kids get infected by it and suffer from the common cold.

The symptoms are a cough, sore throat, sneezing and a runny nose. The kids must be treated well and over the counter medication can be used for it. Some people prefer to give antibiotics but you should know the fact that it is not compulsory to give antibiotics medicines to the kids during the common cold. It depends on the intensity of the disease and medical conditions. The disease of the common cold can easily manage at home because it is self-limited in nature.


The next very general disease that you will find in the kids is chickenpox. It happens because of the Varicella zoster virus. The incubation period of this particular virus is for the 10 to 21 days. The kids must need the special attention and care because this particular disease is highly contagious in nature. This particular virus can easily spread like the other general disease like cold and flu.

The patient may feel the feverish body and thus you can give general mediation like Tylenol after consulting the pediatrics. The kids must be given enough liquid to intake because the body gets dehydrate very fast.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Apart from the physical disease, there are some mental disorders which are also very common among the kids. The most general disease in this category is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  The most disturbing factors it that there is no particular medicine which can cure it. Only by the proper love, affection, and counseling, this particular disorder can be treated well in the kids.