Congenital heart disease life expectancy

Congenital heart disease is a kind of birth defects and it is next to impossible to find the right reason behind it. At present we do have advance diagnosis system through which it is quite possible to know about the several other types of disease in the baby during the development but there is another factor about the heart disease.

Hard to predict

In the baby, during the development, it is very heart to predict the heart problem. The heart problems occur during the starting eight weeks of the baby development. This is the time when a woman is not even aware of the pregnancy and thus the parents should not blame themselves for any kind of heart diseases in the kid.

The intensity of the heart disease can be different and some minor heart disease gets recovered with the passing time. In some critical cases intensive care, medication, and surgery are required. Unfortunately, there are some cases where before starting the proper treatment the infant can also die.


Usually, the rate of heart disease in infant is very low.  PDA and ASD types of the heart disease can be treated well without any complications. But you should know the fact that such heart diseases are very dangerous when we are talking about the babies. It can be life-threatening and must be deal with great care by the specialist only.


The other thing is that excelling in medical treatment and care is required to save the life of an infant with the congenital heart disease. The life expectancy is good once it is recovered in the early phases but when they in the starting phases the complications happen, it is very hard to deal with.

On time diagnosis and treatment

One more thing that parents should know that going for the diagnosis on the right time is very important. There are many methods for detecting the type of congenital heart disease and you will be able to take the right decision on time.  The doctor must conduct a complete check for the medical history of the infant and another complete physical check. The other diagnostic methods are electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, x-ray and cardiac catheterization which can be taken into consideration.

You should also know the fact some heart disease are more likely to happen to boy babies and some are typical for the girl child. The decision of the surgery for the heart disease only should be taken after trying the right medication. In case the infant is not showing any sign of improvement, conducting surgery should be the last option.