Fertility and sterility impact factor

There are many factors which can put the impact on the Fertility and sterility. These factors can increase or decrease the probability of getting pregnant. There is no doubt that with growing age the fertility and sterility are hampered. The chances of getting pregnant with the age become very low. This happens because of the change of hormones in the body.

Change in the hormone

With the changing hormones of the body, the quality and quantity of the eggs also change. It is seen in the many parents that they waited long for the children but due to the poor quality of the egg woman cannot become the mother. The poor fertility is liable for this fact.

There is no doubt that many advanced treatments are available at present by which you can make a big change. For example, some of the parents are using the IVF technique which is also known as the vitro fertilization to give birth. Using this particular technique it is quite possible to deal with the problem of aging.


There is no doubt that to some extent we can improve the quality of fertility and sterility with the right lifestyle. It is commonly seen the poor lifestyle also reduce the chances of getting pregnant for a woman. It is necessary to stay active during the peak hours of the day.

In the morning you can simply do some yoga and another exercise to improve the quality of the internal and external body function. It also improves the quality of eggs. Smoking, drinking and eating the unhygienic food must be avoided. These are also very harmful put the negative impact on the fertility and sterility.

Age of the egg

In some cases, it is seen that eggs are taken from the donor to implant them in the uterus for pregnancy. In these cases, the age factor of the woman will hardly a matter but the age of the egg will be a big issue over here. In addition to this, the age of the donor will also be the other issue which should be taken care.


Along with the above-mentioned fact, some diet and nutrients are also responsible for the fertility and sterility. In order to ensure the good quality of the egg, the mother should be fed properly. The balanced diet which is enriched with the proper nutrients can make a big difference as well.