Fertility of women by age

According to the researchers, age always affects the women’s fertility. We can understand that you aren’t mature enough too pregnant right now. But you will have to understand that what things can affect your fertility. There are a lot of things that we can’t control in which age is one of them. However, if you want another baby, then you will have to talk to your partner right now. A girl is born with the limited eggs in the ovaries.

In the initial age a girl born with more than two million eggs that are quite higher. Such number decreases with age and remain at 25000 at the age of 37 years. Let’s discuss the important factors that affect the women’s fertility.

Age and eggs

Researchers claim every woman have the right to understand her biological clock. Fertility is one of the important things in the women that plays and quite a vital role in the pregnancy.  The father’s and mother’s age affects a lot of things such as pregnancy, the health of the children and other things as well.

Younger and older

No doubt it is one of the known things that we have 100 chances of pregnancy in younger age.  Millions of the eggs are abnormal in the younger age. However, every woman get more than 12 cycles in the year; thus healthy women have a great opportunity of getting pregnant at the younger age.

What can do?

If you are thinking of kids then you are wrong; literally, you should preserve your eggs. Cryopreservation will save the fertility from the aging. Therefore, If you are facing complications in the pregnancy, then you should use own egg donor.

Genetics and Health

If you are strong enough, then your genes will strongly affect your fertility. Moreover, according to researchers, there is a strong link between markers and hormone levels that fixed our genetics. Hormones and genes play an important role in the body. Hormones are considered as a chemical messenger of our body.

What is the link between age and fertility?

There is a strong connection between age and women’s fertility. Therefore, you should understand below-mentioned facts.

  • According to researchers, after the age of 35 fertility decline continually.
  • At the age of 40, fertility has remained half.
  • If you are pregnant at 52, then you will have to face complications.

If you are paying attention to fertility, then you can get the child at any age. A lot of women’s has babies in the age of 50s.