Food to boost the fertility of male

High sperm count in the male is the first requirement in the way of becoming a parent. There are many things that should be taken care of when you are planning a baby in the near future. The health, physical fitness, medical history, lifestyle, food, and habits are the major things that should be perfect. There is no doubt through the particular type of the food you can make a big difference and become the parent. Now here we are going to talk about the best food for the male to improve the level of the fertility.

More production of sperm

You should know the fact the sperm production is the most important factor in the way of better fertility. More production of the sperm means you will be having more chances of becoming a father. Thus you should better find out the right method like exercise, food, medication and other things which can improve the fertility. Now we are going to talk about the particular food that you can take into your consideration in order to boost fertility and this food is especially recommended for males.

Eating oyster

Oyster is rich sources of many minerals and other nutrients. It is very important food and stands in the first position for better fertility in males. Zinc is available in the oyster and you can get better results with it soon. It will be very helpful to improve the number of sperm in semen. You can have nearly 15 mg of them on the regular basis and take it up to 50 g every day. There are some other types of particular food that you can also eat. This can be turkey, lobster etc.

Better sperm motility with garlic

Garlic is a wonderful food item that you should include in your regular diet. By eating this you will be able to make significant growth in the process of becoming a father. Garlic is highly recommended because of two major elements which it contains. Allicin and selenium are presented in it. Both works like wonder on the male body and improve the performance in many folds.

Improve the libido

Lack of libido is a very general problem in the males who are facing problems in the way of becoming a father. You should use the banana in order to improve the libido. Bananas are a great source of the vitamins C, A, and B1 which are very beneficial for the male body because they help to produce more sperm as well.