Pediatric chronic kidney disease guidelines

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) stands for the delinquency in the function of the kidney or irretrievable damage. The other thing that is important to know that this problem can be progressive and instant care must be taken. This problem can also be seen in the children and can be presented in the other term asRead More

Kidney disease and magnesium

Kidney disease is a really very painful experience and there are many factors which are responsible for it. You will be amazed to know the fact that there are many factors through which you can simply avoid the kidney disease. There is no doubt that diabetes is the most common reasons which cause the renalRead More

Chronic kidney disease stage 2 ICD 10

There is no doubt that staying healthy all the time is the want and need of everyone. We all love to stay healthy and avoid the doctors and hospitals. But still, there are some particular diseases which can happen to anyone. Chronic Kidney disease is also one of them. Another shocking fact about this particularRead More

Chronic kidney disease differential diagnosis

Many methods are there to present the Chronic Kidney disease. Several causes and level of the disease are important factors to consider when you are going to present it. Some other factors which are important are like age and other medical conditions of the patient. You should also pay attention towards the physical examination whenRead More

Back pain from kidney disease

Kidneys play a very important role in the blood filter process in our body. They remove the unwanted substances and excess fluid from the body. The other waste products are also removed from our body through the very effective design and filter of the process. In order to know about the problem of the backRead More